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Lo-Fi Moods

Vintage Hip Hop
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Pack Information

Origin Sound’s ‘Lo-Fi Moods’ continues to push the boundaries of the Lo-Fi movement. This library satisfies our ever growing need to develop the sounds and musicality of Lo-Fi sample libraries, with pristine attention to detail and authenticity present throughout.

Set the mood for your beat by exploring the extensive vinyl cuts folder. In here you have the likes of warped tonal percussion melodies, gentle guitar chords, uplifting keys lines and much more at your finger tips. All of which come in our versatile song starter format, which will spark immediate creativity with their mix ready nature, providing full and detailed musicality and instrumentation.

Whilst the emotive nature of the vinyl cuts folder is a vital asset when setting the mood for your beat, the drum folders are a key element of the pack. Packed to the brim with drum loops and drum hits, ‘Lo-Fi Moods’ will fulfil all your drum related needs. Whether you are looking for more of a laid back rhythm or something more upbeat, the pack contains the perfect variety to work with any Lo-Fi mood.

‘Lo-Fi Moods’ also contains a SFX folder full of versatile extras. The folder ranges from radio textures, to noise crackles and more.

From its range in musical detail and emotion, through to its accurate Lo-Fi sonic aesthetic, ‘Lo-Fi Moods’ is a must have for any Lo-Fi producer.

What’s in the Pack?

  • 80 Drum hits
  • 40 Drum loops
  • 42 Vinyl Cuts Song Starters
  • 15 SFX
  • Tempos - 80 - 90 BPM
  • Download size - 693MB
  • Instant download & royalty free
  • All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use