Cutting Edge Snares - Vol 1

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100 top class snare drum samples suited for all genres of music. Providing focused transients, ghost snares, heavy hitters and many more to play with, this pack covers all snare textures and tones. It also contains a PDF file of handy tips and tricks including ways to layer and resample your snares, along with advice for making your snares cut though your mix. By bypassing the need for transient designers and exciters, these cutting edge snares will effortlessly enhance your sound without unnecessary processing.

Kill The Noise - "These are fucking sick!"


TC - "These are good, definitely a kick and snare in there for me!"


Culprate - "Phat sounds ready to go!!"


Tisoki - "These snares are great for every genre from dubstep to future bass. They also work well when combining with other snares to make your own unique drum hits."


Dellux - "Strong snare samples, consistently useful!"


Axel Boy - "Talk about High-fidelity. Origin Sound’s cutting edge snares are just that. Fantastic audio quality in every sample. A huge library of snares of all different shapes and sizes. Ideal for genres spanning through the whole of electronic music."


WATGOOD - “Sometimes the simplest snares work best in a mix, I’ve found with these samples, you can use them with almost little to no processing and they still cut through. I’m also a big fan of incorporating these into percussion sections."

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Whats In The Pack?

  • 100 varied snares, ranging from hard hits to percussive flams
  • Download size - 51MB
  • Instant download & royalty free
  • All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

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