Cutting Edge Kicks Vol. 1

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   100 top quality kick drum samples suited for all electronic genres of music. Providing hard-hitting thuds through to small room kicks, this pack gives a wide span of variety for the producer to best suit their production. Features a PDF file of handy tips and ticks for layering kicks and creating your own twist on these drums. By reducing the need for excessive EQ and processing, these cutting edge kicks offer ease to your productions and ground your mixdown to ensure your low end is coherent.

Kill The Noise - "These are fucking sick!"


Culprate - "Phat sounds, ready to go!!"


TC "These are good, definitely a kick and snare in there for me!"


Axel Boy -  "These kicks are fantastic. for starters, the variety in the pack is unprecedented. Each sample is unique in frequency content & the collection spans over a wide array of timbres & tones. A huge selection of what i like to call ‘Soft Kicks’ which are perfect for Future, Hip Hop, House, and many other genres."


WATGOOD“This pack is great, I’ve used it for anything and everything ranging from layering over my kicks to create a solid body, or using the samples on their own – They really help give that extra weight to a kick drum.”

Whats In The Pack?

  • 100 Kick drums
  • Tips & tricks PDF
  • Download size - 52MB
  • Instant download & royalty free
  • All samples are key & BPM labelled for ease of use

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